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We Work 24X7

Our reps work your business hours and on the timezones you want them to be available, this can include multiple shifts to ensure you workflow keeps moving.

No Freelancers

  • All our employees have been hired with Flowz on a full time basis.
  • All employees are required to sign confidentiality terms and very thorough employment agreements.
  • We ensure your protection by complying with all local employment regulations.
  • Your teams work directly with the staff assigned to your account.

Data Security

  • We are partnered with E&Y to audit our security protocols.
  • We do not allow work from home particularly where clients do not want it.
  • We license all software including Trend Micro anti-virus, malware protection software for all servers and workstations.
  • We connect to client systems via secure VPN and OTP. We have biometrics (fingerprint) identity verification for all entries into our facilities.
  • We have security guards at all facilities.

Delivery Model

  • All staff only work for 1 client.
  • We tailor our working shifts according to client requirements.
  • We can scale up resources on demand.
  • We keep things simple by providing all pricing up front. No hidden fees.

Yes, a contract proposal is sent over to you for review.

We require close to a month to hire the staff for this task. We would appreciate a formal job description from your team for our HR/Implementation team to work from.
Training will take approximately 2-4 weeks.
Yes, we have fully owned and operated facilities in every region we operate. You can see a video of our operations at this link. Click Here
No, when you sign an agreement with Flowz, you are working with a company that offers the highest levels of professionalism to each of its clients. We are not a marketplace. Furthermore, we have a very low attrition rate at approximately 6% annually and customer attrition is less than 0.5% annually.
First, we carry a $1 Million E&O policy. Second, you are signing an agreement with a US based company that owns its subsidiaries in various offshore locations. There are no 3rd parties involved.
Yes, our service is ‘white-label’. Your customers will never know that we work on your behalf.
We have a very in-depth management structure that includes: Team leads, QA support, IT support, HR support.
We have our own proprietary secure online chat tools. We can also use any tools you may use internally i.e. MS Teams, Slack, Zoom etc. We also have local US phone numbers to contact team members directly.
Our staff works when you do. So work gets handled real-time. Let us know your expected SLA’s and we will measure our productivity against your requirements.
Yes, we have multiple locations to service clients from. We have multiple internet service providers and backup generators to ensure continuity of operations.
The employees that will work for you work a 40 hour work week. If you require additional hours (i.e. Overtime), that can be arranged with our operations management team. Please also let us know if you need additional support such as 24×7, evenings/weekends.
Flowz has the highest standards and follows all employment regulations set forth in each jurisdiction it operates in. That includes offering healthcare, paying employment taxes, offering incentives and ensuring that the workplace is a safe place to work. Our leadership team is composed of multiple HR professionals, each of whom ensure that we uphold the highest standards in our workplace.
Like all other organizations, employees will be unavailable at work, due to various reasons, from time to time. Our agreements spell out that for any absences that are more than 2 days per month, that will result in a credit of fees. However, to ensure proper planning, most of our clients have multiple staff hired to ensure there is replication and cross over. Should any absences be unexpected or lengthy, we will replace the staff at our cost.
Flowz follows all employment regulations set forth within the jurisdiction it operates in. This includes provisions for healthcare packages, employment taxes and incentivized bonuses. Workplace safety is of paramount importance and regulations are followed to.
There are no penalties. We are so confident in our ability to deliver that we include a termination clause in all our agreements that allow clients to cancel with only a short notice period.

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