Insurance Data Entry Services

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Insurance Data Entry Services

Insurance agencies perform several processes, all of which are important for the smooth operations of the business. One of these processes is data entry. Insurance agencies receive vast amounts of data daily, which needs to be carefully encoded to a database to ensure faster processing of claims and accurate payments. Data entry has to be handled carefully and efficiently as even the slightest mistake can cause damage to the insurance agency.

Insurance Service Guide

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    Outsourcing Insurance Data Entry

    Outsourcing to an insurance claims data entry company is one step to a successful insurance business. Flowz offers the following services to help insurance agencies discover and maximize their potential:

    Quotes and Proposals Data Entry

    Creation of quotes and proposals is a crucial part of the business, and there is no room for any mistake. Our team of highly-skilled, well-trained professionals can handle this part of the business efficiently and offer best-in-class quotes and proposals data entry services at a reduced cost.

    Insurance Claims Data Entry

    As an insurance data entry company, Flowz offers affordable yet efficient insurance claims data entry services specifically designed to help insurance agencies validate claims. This is an important task, as the agency could lose millions if this is not done properly.

    Analytics of Insurance Data

    We have a team of experts that can help analyze or keep a record of annuities, equities, and other types of financial instruments. We can also help analyze an agency’s debt, making them more aware of their financial status overall.

    Data Entry of Applications

    Insurance agencies face thousands of new applications, renewals, and amendments each day, which requires a considerable amount of time to get the job done. This is the very reason why insurance agencies should outsource data entry services.

    Insurance Data Mining

    Monitoring the insurance industry’s direction of movement is a must for every insurance agency. With our insurance data mining data entry services, we help insurance agencies keep up with the competition and always be updated with all the changes in the industry.

    Why Outsource Data Entry Services to Flowz

    We are an insurance data entry company that has been proven to offer affordable yet effective insurance data entry services to clients worldwide. We thrive on providing unmatched high-quality output, putting the interests of our clients above everything else. We also use only the latest technologies to ensure that we give our very best to serve our clients.

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    What Our Customers Say

    Melody Collet

    VP of Technology, Comda

    We’ve been working with Flowz since 2004. They were integrated at a time when we were migrating to a new ERP, we were also experiencing significant growth, and we were having a really difficult time moving our customer orders in a timely fashion. Flowz worked around the clock and helped us become tremendously more efficient.

    Mitch Mounger

    CEO, Sunrise Identity (A Halo Branded Solutions Company)

    Flowz has had an immediate and positive impact on our bottom line. Being up in Seattle, it’s difficult to find the resources you need when you need it. With Flowz we found a group of great employees who could work for us right away and at a very cost effective rate.

    Devin Piscitelli

    President, AAkron Line

    Flowz has been very integral to the success of our company and allowing us to grow. Because it’s been such a positive experience for us, I don’t want to recommend them to our competition, but I have in the past and definitely will in the future.

    Our Customers Say Excellent... 4.6 / 5.0 Trustpilot

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